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• 7/20/2013


We need help. We need some help with making textures for our mod, also we are not very good at making textures and some blocks dont look very nice. So we are looking for someone who can do the textures for us.

We need someone who has experience with making textures, some who is good at making textures, someone who will meet the mods deadlines and still do work at an excellent quallity.

To apply all you need to do is, give us a way to contact you (preferably email). To make sure you can make textures at a good standard we going to do an competition. Whoever can make the best texture for our machine 'the Crusher' will get the job (Only if you have given us your contact details)

What benefits will you get for working for us?

no pay :(  (We dont make money so why should you?)

But you do get your name put into the credits, you become an admin and you can play the 'Experimental' or master version of our mod.


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• 7/23/2013
Hi It's Me JD239 And i Suppose I could do it though i am NOT the best texturer in the world i can do a pretty good job
• 7/24/2013
Great. Check your minecraft fourms acount for the message i have sent you. Hopefully you will join the team.
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